Welcome to Mammae Mia

It’s the beginning of a special new chapter for you and your family. A lot can be done to give your child a good start in life. And of course, only the best is good enough. The birth of your child and the period thereafter are an intimate experience. Therefore, the maternity care that you receive must be comforting, involved and professional. Mammae Mia is a small and personal organization that is dedicated to helping you during this exciting period. Our maternity nurses are well trained in area of breastfeeding and are aware of the latest developments in maternity care. Our care is flexible, which means that together with you, we explore how many hours of care are required and what personal interpretation should be given to the care, within the given possibilities of the National Indication Protocol. If you have any questions after reading our site, please give us a call.

Maternity care

In accordance with the National Indication Protocol, Mammae Mia offers several forms of care. We will contact you about 6 weeks before your due date for the intake interview. During this conversation your wishes and needs are discussed. If you’re having your first child, the intake will be held at your home and by telephone. For the next child, the intake is done by phone, unless you have another preference. Read more about maternity care


Parents are increasingly choosing to breastfeed their baby. Fortunately, because breastfeeding has many advantages for both mother and baby. Breast milk contains antibodies, good bacteria and fatty acids that cannot be mimicked. Partly because of this, breastfeeding reduces the risk of various disorders in both mother and baby. Read more about breastfeeding