The lactation consultant is available seven days a week to answer questions by telephone for both maternity nurses and clients
of Mammae Mia.

If necessary, the lactation consultant can visit the home for a consultation within 24 hours of the request of the parents. Telephone number: 020 - 6408337

Fees and Rates

Most insurance policies reimburse one or more consultations with the lactation consultant.
Because the reimbursements depend on the policy, it is wise to inquire about the possibilities with your insurance before requesting a consultation.

Check the website of the NVL (Dutch Association of Lactation Consultants) for an overview of reimbursements.


Home consultation: € 130, –

Follow-up consultation at home: € 80, –

Practical consultation: € 95,-

Consult by phone: starting rate € 10 after 10 minutes € 1 per minute.

NB: Sometimes an answer to a short question is enough and you can continue with it immediately. The lactation consultant does not charge any costs for this. If it turns out that a telephone consultation or a visit at home or at the practice is necessary, the lactation consultant will plan this directly with you.